2012 ARS Business Meeting

The business meeting was held during the 94th Annual Meeting of the American Radium Society

Comparative Effectiveness of Five Treatment Strategies for…

Early Stage Non Small Cell Lung Cancer in the Elderly

Comparing Effects of Radiation Therapy on Upper vs Lower Lung Lobes

Scalp-Sparing Whole-Brain Radiation Therapy: Are IMRT and IGRT Required

John A Cox, MD, Jared D Sturgeon, MD PhD, EJ Endres, CMD, Lauren A Layer, MD, Waqar M Haque, MD, Todd A Swanson, MD PhD, Brent C Parker, PhD, Martin Colman, MD, Lee R Wiederhold, MD PhD. The University of Texas Medical Branch

Significant Reduction in Beta-Amyloid Plaque Burden Following Fractionated Radiotherapy Schedule

Implications for Novel Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease Mackenzie C McGee, MD, Brian Marples, PhD, Daniel B Michael, MD, Mohamad B Dabjan, MD, Inga S Grills, MD, George D Wilson, PhD, Alvaro A Martinez, MD, James Fontanesi, MD. Beaumont Health System

Surgery vs Radiosurgery for Mid-Sized Brain Metastases

Raymond Sawaya, MD. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Technique Considerations In Planning Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy for Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer

Jonathan D Grant, MD, Sastray Vedam, PhD, Yan Zhuang, MD, Michael E Kantor, BS, Peter Balter, PhD, Radhe Mohan, PhD, James Cox, MD, Ritsuko Komaki, MD, Zhongxing Liao, MD. MD Anderson Cancer Center

Phase II Trial of Erotinib and Radiotherapy Following Chemoradiotherapy

Ritsuko Komaki, Professor, George Blumenschein, Associate Professor, Ignacio Wistuba, Professor, J Jack Lee, Professor, Pamela Allen, Principal Statistical Analyst, Xiong Wei, Data Manager, James Welsh, Assistant Professor, Michael O’Reilly, Associate Professor, Xi Ming Tang, Sr Research Scientist, Wuan Ki Hong, Professor. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

The Role of Adjuvant Therapy in Stage III Endometrial Cancer

Steven P Register, MD, Lorraine Portelance, MD, Deukwoo Kwon, PhD, Leo Twiggs, MD, J M Pearson, MD, Joseph Lucci, MD, Aaron Wolfson, MD. University of Miami

Treatment of Choroidal Metastases From Breast and Lung Carcinoma With Radioactive Plaques

Nisha R Patel, MD, Parin Patel, Jacqueline Emrich, PhD, Lydia Komarnicky, MD. Drexel University College of Medicine