ARS Committees and Leadership
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2020-2021 Committee Roster
Executive Committee
Sue Yom, MD, PhD, President 2020-2021
James Metz, MD, President-Elect
Beth Beadle, MD, PhD, Secretary 2018-2021
Kelly Hunt, MD, Treasurer 2020-2022
Jeffrey Bradley, MD, Industry Relations Chair
Steven Chang, MD, Member-at-Large 2020-2021
Anupama Chundury, MD, Member-at-Large 2019-2021
Paul Harari, MD, Member-at-Large
Chelsea Pinnix, MD, 2021 Scientific Program Chair 2020-2021
Benjamin Movsas, MD, Immediate Past President 2020-2021
Jonathan Beitler, MD, MBA, Senior Advisor 2017-2024
Appropriate Use Criteria Steering Committee
William Small, MD, Chair 2020-2023
Jonathan Beitler, MD, Vice-Chair
Joseph Herman, MD, MSc 2017-2020
Andre Konski, MD, MBA, MA, FACR 2017-2020
Quynh-Thu Le, MD
Jim Metz, MD 2017-2020
Benjamin Movsas, MD 2017-2020
John "Drew" Ridge, MD, PhD 2017-2020
Kenneth Rosenzweig, MD 2018-2021
Ben Slotman, MD, PhD 2017-2020
Constitution & Bylaws Committee
Wade Thorstadt, MD, Chair 2018-2021
Lorraine Portelance, MD 2018-2021
Charles Thomas, MD 2019-2022
Andre Konski, MD, MBA, MA, Immediate Past President 2019-2020
Education & Website Resources Committee
Joseph Herman, MD, MSc, Chair 2020-2023
Roy Decker, MD
Iris Gibbs, MD
Amar Rewari, MD 2020-2023
Stephanie Terezakis, MD
Neha Vapiwala, MD
Catheryn Yashar, MD
Sue Yom, MD, PhD, Ex-Officio 2020-2021
Industry Relations/Development Committee
Jeffrey Bradley, MD, Chair 2020-2024
Cynthia Ballenger, MD 2019-2023
Brian Baumann, MD
Indrin Chetty, MD 2018-2022
Salma Jabbour, MD 2020-2024
Sue Yom, MD, PhD, President, Ex-Officio 2020-2021
Special Recognition & Janeway Lecture Committee
Quynh-Thu Le, MD, Chair 2018-2021
Ben Slotman, MD, PhD 2019-2022
Bruce Haffty, MD
Martin Colman, MD
Jay Cooper, MD
Benjamin Movsas, MD, Immediate Past President 2020-2021
Membership & Credentials Committee
Beth Beadle, MD, PhD, Chair 2018-2021
Thomas Galloway, MD, Co-Chair
Cynthia Ballenger, MD
Eric Chang, MD
Carri Glide-Hurst, PhD 2019-2022
Shane Lloyd, MD
Join Luh, MD
Vinita Takiar, MD
Sue Yom, MD, PhD, Ex-Officio 2020-2021
Nominating Committee
Jeff Michalski, MD, Chair
Tom Buchholz, MD
Peter Johnstone, MD 2019-2022
Awards Committee
Farzan Siddiqui, MD, Chair
Charles Thomas, MD
Christina Tsien, MD
Benjamin, Movsas, MD, Ex-Officio 2020-2021
2021 Scientific Program Committee 2019-2020

Chelsea Pinnix, MD, Chair

Sue Yom, MD, PhD, Vice-Chair 

Jean Wright, MD (breast)
Chuck Simone, MD (lung)
Sara Milgrom, MD (lymphoma)
Rahul Tendulkar, MD (prostate)
Siavash Jabbari, MD (private practice)
Vishal Gupta, MD (sarcoma)
Karen Hoffman, MD (GU)
Leslie Ballas, MD (Lymphoma)
Christina Chapman, MD (VA)
Salma Jabbour, MD (GI)
Jillian Tsai, MD (HN)
Andrew Bishop, MD (melanoma/Sarcoma)
Stephanie Terezakis, MD (peds)
Arnold Paulino, MD (peds)
David Gaffney, MD (gyn)
Lauren Colbert, MD (gyn)
Rich Bakst, MD (lymphoma)
Simona Shaitleman, MD (breast)
Paul Ngyuen, MD (GU)
Martin Tom, MD (CNS)
Tracy Balboni, MD (palliation)
Eleanor Walker, MD (breast)
Emma Holliday, MD (GI)
John Plasteras, MD (Lymphoma)
Gary Walker, MD (HN)
Melissa Joyner, MD (GYN)
Emma Fields, MD (gyn, education)
Ritsuko Komaki, MD (thoracic)
Jillian Gunther, MD (lymphoma, education)
Charles Thomas, MD (GI)
Steve Braunstein, MD (CNS)
Navesh Sharma, MD (liver)

James Metz, MD, President-Elect

Representative to the Board of Chancellors of the American College of Radiology
Simon Lo, MD
The UICC Global Task Force on Radiotherapy for Cancer Control (GTFRCC)
May Abdel-Wahab, MD
American College of Radiology Councilor
Bruce Haffty, MD 2018-2021
American College of Radiology Assistant Councilor
Ken Rosenzweig, MD 2018-2021
Representative to the Commission on Cancer
Elin Sigurdson, MD 2019-2022
Representative to the National Council on Radiation Protection & Measurements
Indrin Chetty, MD, PhD, MS 2017-2020
Trustees of the American Board of Radiology
Gary Freedman, MD2019-2023




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