Past-Presidents of ARS
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1916 W. H. B. Aikins, MD* 1971 James F. Nolan, MD*
1917 W. H. B. Aikins, MD* 1972 John V. Blady, MD*
1918 John M. Lee, MD* 1973 Antolin Raventos, MD*
1919 J. B. Bissell, MD* 1974 Jerome M. Vaeth, MD*
1920 Henry K. Pancoast, MD* 1975 Victor A. Marcial, MD*
1921 Henry Schmitz, MD* 1976 Felix Rutledge, MD*
1922 G. E. Pfahler, MD* 1977 Luther W. Brady, MD*
1923 Robert F. Loucks, MD* 1978 Richard H. Jesse, MD*
1924 James T. Case, MD* 1979 Frederick W. George III, MD*
1925 William S. Newcomet, MD* 1980 Alfred S. Ketcham, MD*
1926 Douglas Quick, MD* 1981 Simon Kramer, MD*
1927 Albert Soiland, MD* 1982 George C. Lewis, Jr, MD*
1928 Curtis F. Burnam, MD* 1983 Morton M. Kligerman, MD*
1929 Edwin C. Ernset, MD* 1984 Seymour H. Levitt, MD*
1930 Harry H. Bowing, MD* 1985 John R. Durant, MD*
1931 Henry J. Ullmann, MD* 1986 Frederick Eilber, MD
1932 Sanford Withers, MD* 1987 Gerald E. Hanks, MD*
1933 Burton J. Lee, MD* 1988 Morris J. Wizenberg, MD*
1934 Rollin H. Stevens, MD* 1989 Carl M. Mansfield, MD*
1935 William H. Cameron, MD* 1990 Elliot W. Strong, MD
1936 George W. Grier, MD* 1991 Robert G. Parker, MD*
1937 Zoe A. Johnston, MD* 1992 J. Taylor Wharton, MD
1938 Edward H. Skinner, MD* 1993 Lawrence W. Davis, MD
1939 William P. Healy, MD* 1994 Peter H. Wiernik, MD
1940 Lawrence A. Pomeroy, MD* 1995 Marvin Rotman, MD
1941 Frederick W. O’Brien, MD* 1996 Robert M. Byers, MD
1942 Hayes E. Martin, MD* 1997 H. Rodney Withers, MB, BS*
1946 William E. Costolow, MD* 1998 Thomas W. Griffin, MD
1947 Charles L. Martin, MD* 1999 David H. Hussey, MD*
1948 A. N. Arneson, MD* 2000 Eric J. Hall, DPhil, DSc
1949 Maurice Lenz, MD* 2001 David M. Gershenson, MD
1950 William S. MacComb, MD* 2002 Jay Cooper, MD
1951 Leland R. Cowan, MD* 2003 J. Frank Wilson, MD
1952 Hugh F. Hare, MD* 2004 James D. Cox, MD*
1953 Howard B. Hunt, MD* 2005 Martin Colman, MD
1954 Edith H. Quimby, ScD* 2006 Randal S. Weber, MD
1955 John E. Wirth, MD* 2007 Jonathan J. Beitler, MD, MBA
1956 Grant Beckstrand, MD* 2008 Ritsuko Komaki, MD
1957 Norman A. McCormick, MD* 2009 Bruce G. Haffty, MD
1958 Douglas J. Roberts, MD* 2010 Raymond Sawaya, MD
1958 Ralph T. Ogden, MD* 2011 Peter A.S. Johnstone, MD
1959 Milford D. Schulz, MD* 2012 Alan Pollack, MD, PhD
1960 Theodore R. Miller, MD* 2013 Thomas Buchholz, MD
1961 Jesshill Love, MD* 2014 Elin R. Sigurdson, MD, PhD
1962 Robert L. Brown, MD* 2015 Kenneth E. Rosenzweig, MD
1963 Gilbert H. Fletcher, MD* 2016 John A. “Drew” Ridge, MD, PhD
1964 Charles G. Stetson, MD* 2017 Quynh-Thu Le, MD
1965 Joseph H. Farrow, MD* 2018 Ben Slotman, MD, PhD
1966 Justin J. Stein, MD* 2019 Andre Konski, MD, MBA, MA
1967 Milton Friedman, MD*
1968 John L. Pool, MD*
1969 Juan A. del Regato, MD*
1970 Fernando Bloedorn, MD*

(*) This Past President is deceased

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