2008 – 90th Annual Meeting

Hypofractionation Panel

Keynote Lecture

Lung Cancer Panel

President’s Lecture

Scientific Session # 1

William Castucci
S04: A Survey of Treating Physicians Regarding the Use of Stereotactic Radiosurgery Alone for Cranial Oligometastases

Eric Chang
S07: Metastatic renal cell carcinoma involving the spine treated with stereotactic body radiation therapy

Samuel Chao
S09: The Role of Adjuvant Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Spinal Myxopapillary Ependymomas

Howard Colman
S05: A Robust Multigene Predictor of Survival and Response to Radiation in Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma

Ian Crocker
S08: Linac Radiosurgery: A Retrospective Analysis of Treatment Efficiency

Scientific Session # 2

Randi Jill Cohen
S15: Inter-fraction and Intra-fraction Esophageal Displacement

David Grosshans
S16: Improving Cardiac Dosimetry: A Comparison of Alternative Beam Arrangements for IMRT Planning in Patients with Carcinoma of the Distal Esophagus

Andre Konski
S13: The Risk of Cardiac Toxicity in Patients Treated for Esophageal Carcinoma

Matt McCurdy
S14: Taxanes Increase the Radiation Pneumonitis Response in Esophagus Cancer Patients

Tawakalitu Oseni
S10: Resection of primary tumor improves survival in stage IV colon cancer

David Schomas
S11: Clinical Significance of Celiac Nodal Metastasis in Patients with Carcinoma of the Distal Esophagus or Gastroesophageal Junction Undergoing Curative Intent Treatment

Xiamochun Zhang
S12: Radiation-resistant esophageal cancer stem cell

Scientific Session # 3

Jonathan Cheng
S25: Imapact of Durg Therapy, Radiation Dose and Dose Rate on Renal Toxicity Following Bone Marrow Transplantation

Corinne Doll
S18: Expression of p53 is associted with survival after radiotherapy in patients with carcinoma of ther cervix: a comparative evaluation using automated quantitative image analysis

Susan McClosky
S20: High Risk Features Predictive of Distant Failure in Early stage Endometrial Cancer

Rolf-Peter Mueller
S23: A Quality Assessment Program of Involved Field Radiotherapy in Patients with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma-The Experience of the German Hodgkin Study Group

Mark Rufus
S26: Bexxar Protocol CP98-20: Results with I-131 Lableled Antibody in Patients with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Refracotry to Chemotherapy and Rituxan: A Report of 48 Cases

Timothy Showalter
S22: Measurement of FDG-PET Diameter and Pathologic Diameter in Early-stage Invasive Cervical Cancer

Jonathan Tward
S24: Survival and Recurrence in Non-Mycosis Fungoides Primary Cutaneous Lymphoma

Scientific Session # 4

Clair Beard Reed
S33: Study of Complementary Therapies in Men Receiving Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer; A Feasibility Trial

Mark Buyyounouski
S28: Relationship Between Urinary Toxicity and Global Health related Quality of Life Following Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Andrew Lee
S31: IMRT for Prostate Cancer: The M.D. Anderson experience

Rufus Mark
S34: Interstitial High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy + IMRT vs. HDR Monotherapy for Early-stage Prostate Cancer: Report of 347 Cases

Niraj H. Pahlajani
S29: An Advantage in Biochemical and Distant Control with Dose-escalted Radiotherapy in Gleason 8 to 10 Prostate Cancer

Gopal Sachdeva
S30: Determination of the Optimal Threshold for Regional Lymph Node Coverage Using the Partin Nomograms and Roach Equation in Patient with Localized Prostate Cancer

Andrew Suen
S32: Comparing Toxicities of Brachytherapy, External Beam Adaptive Radiotherapy and Pelvic Irradiation with HDR Boost for Localized Prostate Cancer

Scientific Session # 5

M. Kara Bucci
S42: 4D CT derived PTV Spares Normal Lung Volume Compared to Free Breating CT-derived PTV for Both Early and Late Stage Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients

Steven Feigenberg
S40: A Pathologic and Radiographic Review of Early-stage Non-small Cell Lung Cancers to Accurately Define a Clinical Target: Implications for Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy

Katsuyuki Karasawa
S38: Patterns of Failure Following Definitive SBRT and Tumor Influence the Outcome?

Zhongxing Liao
S36: The Impact of Technological Advancement on Outcome for Patients with Unresectable Locally Advanced Non-small-cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Receiving Concomitant Chemoradiotherapy

Kenneth Rosenzweig
S43: Extrapleural Pneumonectomy (ERP) and Hemithoracic Radiation Therapy (RT) for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma (MPM)

Samir Sejpal
S35: Preliminary Evaluation of Treatment-Related Pneumonitis (TRP) By Proton Beam Radiotherapy (PBT) Compared to Intensity-Modulated Related Radiation Therapy (IMRT) in Patients with Locally Advanced NSCLC Treated with Concurrent Chemotherapy

Alfredo Urdaneta
S41: Primary Tracheal Carcinoma: Adenoid Cystic Carcinomas Have a Much Improved Prognosis Compared to Squamous Cell Carcinoma-An Analysis of the NCI SEER Database

John Watkins
S37: Predictive Factors for Clinically Significant Esophagitis From Hyperfractionated Radiotherapy with Concurrent Chemotherapy For Limited-stage Small-cell Lung Cancer

Scientific Session # 6

Junzo Chino
S50: Chemodectoma of the Head and Neck: Long-term Local Control with Radiotherapy

David D’Ambrosio
S48: Lateral Cord Blocks for Treatment of Head and Neck Malignancies with Radiotherapy Increase the Risk for Esophageal Stricture

Rohit Jain
S45: Pattern Of Invasion- An Independent Robust Prgnostic Indicator in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinomas

Linna Li
S44: Mortality From Cerebrovascular Disease After Head and Neck Irradiation

Shane Lloyd
S46: Clinical and Pathologic Facotrs Predicting Nodal Metastasis in Minor Salivary Gland Cancer

Alan Monroe
S47: Relationship Between Dose to the Dorsal Vagal Complex and Radiation-induced Nausea and Vomiting in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Treated with Intensity modulated Radiation Therapy

Paul Sperduto
S51: A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial of Ribose in Patients with Advanced Cancer: An Analysis of Oxygen Saturation and Fatigue

Sus Yom
S49: The Clinical Value of Post-Radiation Ultrasound Examination of the Neck

Scientific Session # 7

Pauline Truong
Are Patients with T1-2 Breast Cancer with 1-3 Positive Nodes Suitable Candidates for Partial Breast Radiotherapy Trial Enrolment?

Tse-Kuan Yu
Association Between Single-nucleotide Polymorphisms in Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome 1 and Gamma h3ax Genes and Acute Radiation-induced Dermatitis

Self-Assessment Module-Lung Cancer Review

Kenneth Rosenzweig
Lung Cancer Review

Self-Assessment Module-Head and Neck Cancer Review

Jonathan Beitler
Head and Neck Cancer Review

Update on Multidisciplinary Management of Non-Metastatic Breast Cancer

Tom Buchholz
Role of Radiation in DCIS and Invasive Breast Cancer

David Byrd
Management of DCIS

Ana Gonzalez-Angulo
Recurrence Score and Systemic Treatment of ER + Lymph-node Negative Disease

Meena Moran
Case-based Discussion: Local Regional Therapy

Edith Perez
Targeting the HER2 Receptor in Breast Cancer

Young Oncologist Essay Awards

Beth Beadle
S63: The Impact of Pregnancey on Breast Cancer in Women 35 Years Old and Younger: Does Diagnosis During or Within 1 Year of Pregnancy Portend a Worse Outcome?

Mark McDonald
S62: Long Term (8-year) Outcomes of IMRT for Breast Cancer: A Single Institution Cohort Analysis

Loren Mell
S64: Factors Associated with Non-cancer Mortality in Early Breast Cancer: A Competing Risks Analysis